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Celebrating Cinco De Mayo With Mexican Desserts

As spring begins in earnest, the calendar tell us that it is almost time for Cinco de Mayo. More people than ever before are beginning to enjoy this holiday, so it is best to get preparations started early. Many use this holiday to enjoy the cuisine of Mexico. It is a perfect excuse to eat some great food!

Most people will have an idea of what they want to serve for their main course. They may love tacos best, or perhaps they will make a pan of cheese enchiladas. Dessert can be a bit more difficult to decide. Most of us don’t know that much about Mexican desserts, so planning a special Mexican meal is a great way to explore some of the sweeter dishes from South of the Border.

If you something light to top your meal, think about fruit. What about trying some banana quesadillas? You will be amazed at their flavor. Ice cream or fruit sorbet is never a bad choice, or perhaps you would like to try cooking plantains. They are very similar to bananas, but they first need to be cooked before you can eat them. They are delicious and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Creamy desserts are popular in Mexico. They are a great way to cool the heat of the main meal. Flan is a sweet traditional dessert that is simple to make and has a creamy texture. The topping of caramel sauce is the perfect touch. This simple dessert delights the tongue. Another fun, creamy dessert is fried ice cream. Your children will love this one … who would not? The ice cream is made into balls that are rolled in a coating. They are briefly fried just until the coating becomes crisp. They should be served immediately with some cinnamon sugar on top. When the crust cracks under the weight of the spoon, it reveals the creamy inside, impressing everyone.

There is always chocolate. Chocolate hails from Mexico, and was enjoyed by the Aztecs. You can bake a delicious chocolate cake with just a hint of chipotle added. The spiciness of hot peppers complements the chocolate; together they meld and create an experience of fantastic flavors. You can also a spicy Mexican chocolate sauce. Your whole family will love the sauce served over ice cream. It is especially good over coconut or cinnamon ice cream.

Now that you have decided on some desserts, you can return to planning the rest of the party. Are friends coming over to sample your delicious meal with some refreshing Mexican beer? Will you be decorating the house or just serving refreshments?

Cinco de Mayo is a great holiday to focus on Mexican culture and have a good time while you do it. It does not occur at the same time as other well-known holidays, like Halloween coincides with the Day of the Dead. You can just indulge yourself and immerse yourself in all things Mexican on the fifth of May.

Your family’s enthusiasm for this fun holiday may turn it into a new tradition. It is always fun to teach yourself and your children about different cultures. This holiday has the added bonus of getting to enjoy tremendous food from Mexico. Throw another empanada into the pan and enjoy.